What Everyone Should Know About Personal Injury Damages

What Everyone Should Know About Personal Injury Damages

The media and tort reform activists are not always kind to personal injury plaintiffs.  They claim they are looking for windfalls and are responsible for high insurance costs in this country.  However, there are claims are – to put it kindly – untrue. Here is the truth about seeking personal injury damages.

Plaintiffs who settle with defendants or who are successful at trial receive personal injury damages to compensate them for the injuries others caused.  The plaintiffs did not want to be physically harmed or to lose their loved ones in tragic accidents.  The damages they seek are to reimburse them for the medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering endured because of someone else’s willful or negligent behavior.

Seeking Personal Injury Damages, Saving Others

Personal injury damages are important not only to reimburse victims but also to prevent others, in positions similar to the defendant’s, from hurting other people.  They may have a deterrent effect that prevents future harm and future personal injury lawsuits.

Thus, plaintiffs should seek the legal damages they deserve. There should be no remorse or doubt about the ethical validity of their recoveries.