Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Your Claim

Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Your Claim

Even if all the available information shows that you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you’ll likely have a hard time convincing an insurance company without legal counsel. No matter how much they might claim otherwise, insurance companies and the people who work for them are not your friends. They’ll do anything to save themselves money and avoid paying your claim.

With that said, there are many things insurance companies don’t want you to know about your claim that can give you a much stronger position when negotiating against them. Here are some of the biggest secrets to turning the tables on those insurance companies and getting the money you deserve.

Insurance Adjusters Can Lie to You

If something an insurance adjuster tells you sounds suspicious or unfair, that might be because it’s a lie. Many adjusters will try to tell injured people that the law says things it doesn’t. For example, they might say that you can’t get paid for an injury caused in an accident if you were dealing with any problems in that area before, or even that you don’t have a claim because your accident wasn’t serious enough. It’s always worth discussing things with a personal injury attorney before taking an insurance adjuster’s word.

You’re Not Required to Make Recorded Statements

One of the most common lies insurance adjusters tell claimants is that if they don’t agree to give a recorded statement about their claim, they won’t get any compensation. Agreeing to make a verbal statement on the record or sign away medical authorization can give the insurance company all the information they need to reduce your claim’s value or reject it entirely based on a misconstrued detail or poorly phrased answer.

Insurance Companies Really Don’t Want to Go to Court

While they may play hardball about it during negotiations, insurance companies don’t want the hassle of preparing a court case and appearing before a judge or jury if they can avoid it. They’d almost always prefer to settle out of court. Having help from an experienced personal injury lawyer can be vital to ensuring they negotiate in good faith while knowing you’re willing to take your case to trial if necessary.

Insurers Have Doctors They Work With Regularly

Often, insurance companies will require you to get examined by a doctor they choose before they’ll agree to give you benefits. Those chosen doctors often have working relationships with insurers. That means they’re more likely to tell you your injuries aren’t that bad or don’t need as much treatment as they do so that the insurance company can save money.

Insurance Providers Don’t Want You to Hire a Lawyer

Perhaps the most important thing insurance companies don’t want you to know about your claim is that hiring skilled legal counsel is the simplest and most effective way to strengthen your case and stand up to insurers. Insurance companies take advantage of unrepresented claimants all the time and know how to do it well. However, with a winning personal injury lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers in your corner, you’ll be able to fight back against those underhanded tactics.