The Danger of Fracking

The Danger of Fracking

Fracking equipmentThanks to its allies in Congress, the fracking industry is largely immune to federal environmental safety rules. And make no mistake, fracking poses huge risks to the environment and to human health.

Fracking Comes with Risks

Critics say fracking has contaminated drinking water supplies with poisonous chemicals, heavy metals, and radioactive minerals. In addition, livestock are at risk of poisoning, which suggests that the Pennsylvania food supply may be unsafe. Some experts believe that fracking operations have already increased the risks for human cancers and birth defects. Gas releases and explosions have placed whole communities in danger. There is also mounting evidence that some fracking projects trigger localized earthquakes.

The federal government is helpless to control the danger of fracking, including the environmental risks. We have to fall back on state and local laws to regulate fracking operations. Unfortunately, state and local officials often do not side against the energy companies. So more people are asking personal injury attorneys to hold the energy companies accountable in court. They want to demand compensation for the injuries caused by this risky procedure.

Get Legal Help

If a fracking operation harmed you, consult a lawyer. Landowners whose property has lost value because of fracking projects should contact a fracking accident attorney. If the water in your well is contaminated, or if there is natural gas in your water line, call a fracking injury attorney today to preserve your legal rights.