Teaching Older Drivers New Tricks

Teaching Older Drivers New Tricks

Often, we concentrate our discussions of traffic safety on new teen drivers.  However, in all fairness to the teens, it is not only teenagers who present a risk. Older drivers may also present risks.

Facts to Consider

  • Most older drivers took drivers’ education at a time when cell phones didn’t exist, when the radio wasn’t such a distraction, and when the roads weren’t as crowded as they are today.
  • Many older drivers never took formal drivers’ education courses. Everything they learned about driving they learned from their parents or friends.
  • Some older drivers have developed bad habits over the years. They may follow too closely, fail to wear seatbelts, or eat and drive, for example.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that older drivers are also more experienced drivers — and experience can be a benefit when it comes to driving safely. However, our personal injury attorneys believe that older Americans should not be ignored and that the rules for driving safely in the 21st century apply as much to them as they do to brand new drivers.