Talc Ovarian Cancer Risk: Johnson & Johnson Powders Linked to Cancer

Talc Ovarian Cancer Risk: Johnson & Johnson Powders Linked to Cancer

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder contain talc, which has been proven to cause cancer, especially in women. It’s important that women who used these products understand the possible talc ovarian cancer risk.

If you have received an ovarian cancer diagnosis after regularly using baby powder, contact an experienced lawyer right away. Acting fast can protect your legal rights. It can also help determine if you can seek compensation for your injuries.

Talc Ovarian Cancer Risk

Over the years, millions of women have used talcum powder in the vaginal region to stay dry and feel fresh. Unfortunately, users did not know about the serious risks related to the development of cancer. Various studies and research show that women who have regularly used talcum powder on their genital area have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

With regular use, small powder particles may travel through the uterus and Fallopian tubes. They can then embed in the ovaries and cause ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer detection is difficult, which makes it particularly dangerous.

Women who developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson powder products have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer. Jurors have returned significant verdicts in their favor to compensate some of them for their injuries. In 2017, a Los Angeles jury ordered J&J to pay $417 million to a woman who alleged that decades of talcum powder use led to her developing ovarian cancer. That verdict came on the heels of four jury awards in St. Louis for $110.5 million, $72 million, $70.1 million, and $55 million. In addition, juries have awarded other plaintiffs with smaller amounts. Victims won’t know their possible damages unless they speak with a skilled lawyer.

Get Legal Help Right Away

We are actively investigating cases surrounding the talc ovarian cancer risk. If you or a loved one has ovarian cancer and also used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or Shower to Shower Powder on a regular basis, please contact us. Our experienced injury attorneys can determine whether you should file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries and suffering. We can then explain the next steps and what you can expect.