Substantial Settlement for Montgomery County Injury Client

Substantial Settlement for Montgomery County Injury Client

Clients are often concerned that if they are in accidents without insurance that they will be unable to collect damages for their injuries. That is simply not true. Jon Ostroff recently obtained a substantial settlement for a Montgomery County injury client in just 7 months. The client had just 4 months of medical treatment. Jon got a fair recovery that far exceed his client’s expectations.

What the Montgomery County Injury Client Had to Say

Jon’s client told him that, “Even after you accepted my case and confirmed you would be able to get me a settlement, this was multiples of what I ever expected.”

Jon Ostroff is a unique car accident lawyer and clients trust him. He has more than 25 years of experience and involvement in more than 25,000 accident cases. They also trust him because of his compassion and personal commitment to their cases.

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