Subrogation: Medical Insurance and PA Car Accident Claims

Subrogation: Medical Insurance and PA Car Accident Claims

PA Car Accident Claims Information: Has Your Health Insurance Sent You a Bill for Your PA Car Crash?

When you went to the hospital after your accident, you were asked for your health insurance card. Your medical bills were sent to your medical insurance company and the insurance company paid your claim. Now your health insurance is demanding to be paid back. What is going on?

Healthcare is expensive. An emergency room visit costs more than the average American earns in a week.  So, most of us rely on our health insurance to pay the bills when we are sick or injured. So, how can a health insurance company ask for reimbursement?

This area of the law is “subrogation.” Subrogation is a legal right that allows one insurance company to make a payment that another insurance company owes. The first company can then collect the debt at a later date.

Car insurance (or the insurance of the at-fault driver) is responsible for your Pennsylvania accident injuries. Your health insurance company temporarily paid your medical bills. Health insurance has the right to recover that payment. They can do this by putting a lien on your car accident settlement. This can be a big deal – especially if your car accident lawyer didn’t plan for subrogation.

Discuss your insurance and the possibility of liens with your Pennsylvania car crash attorney. Subrogation law is very complex. The laws affecting Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare are different than those for private insurance. It is important that your attorney understands your health insurance and subrogation law to adequately protect your rights.

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