Has Your Insurance Company Made a Settlement Offer?

Has Your Insurance Company Made a Settlement Offer?

You were worried about dealing with the insurance company after your Pennsylvania accident, but your agent has been very helpful. He called you right away. He asked about your health and said he’d like to get you a check by the end of the week. You’ve heard insurance company horror stories, but it really seems as if your insurance company is making you a priority. Think again.

Your Injuries Could Get Worse

If you were recently injured, you may not be aware of the full extent of your injuries. Will you need long term physical therapy for your whiplash? Will your shoulder injury require surgery? Could the pain prevent you from being able to work six months from now? Will you have pain develop over time, of which you cannot know at the present? Might the pain radiating down your arms or legs be the result of a cervical disk injury?  Insurance companies usually do not pay for MRIs immediately after a crash, so most doctors don’t order them until several months have passed. You just don’t know.

Quick settlements only benefit the insurance company. Although it may seem that your insurance company is acting in your best interest, your agent wants to minimize the amount your insurer pays for your injuries. The insurance company knows exactly how much it costs to treat most Pennsylvania car accident injuries. They will record your statement and lead you into making positive statements about how you are feeling, which may not reflect the entirety of what you are experiencing.

Just Say “No”

As for the other person’s insurance company, which we call the “third party,” they have one thing in mind: pay as little for your third party claim as they possibly can, in exchange for a general release of all claims, forever more. While the initial offer might seem reasonable, it is typically only a fraction of what the insurance company believes your claim is worth or may be worth in time. They also know that if you agree to a settlement before the full extent of your injuries is known, you are responsible for paying for any additional medical care, and enduring the additional suffering without additional compensation.

You could end up paying thousands of dollars from you own pocket, not to mention being left uncompensated for your additional doctor visits, therapies, lost time from work, lost opportunities, missed vacations, etc.

While settling quickly and paying off your bills is appealing, once you’ve accepted a settlement, you lose your right to any additional compensation, from the insurance carrier who paid you or its insured. It’s over.

No matter how serious your injury, you lose the right to additional compensation. You want to be sure that you know exactly what your case is worth before you accept any insurance company offer.

Get Legal Help Right Away

Call us to schedule your free consultation. We have no ulterior motive. We’re always on your side. We even have former insurance company defense lawyers working for us, lawyers who are now on your side and only on your side. There are more than a dozen variables which go into valuing a case properly and adequately; it is not a matter of multiplying certain figures or multiplying the insurance company’s offer by any factor. We know because we’ve been doing only this type of case and we’ve been doing it every day for the past 25 years. Let us put that kind of experience at your disposal.

Unfortunately, once you turn down the initial offer, you insurance agent may stop playing nice. He or she may delay returning phone calls, may request extra paperwork or may offer another settlement that still won’t cover the bills, let alone your pain. These tactics delay your case until you are ready to accept a “low ball” offer. The insurance adjusters know what to say if you hem about it. They have a script to follow. But, Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can help.

We give insurance companies 30 Days to SettleTM. If the insurance company doesn’t offer a fair settlement within those 30 days of when we submit our settlement proposal, then with your consent, we take them to court. You don’t have to put up with insurance company delays or settle for less than you deserve. Take charge of your claim and make the call. Your job is to work on getting better. Ours is to do everything else.