Philadelphia Megabus Crash Hotline

Philadelphia Megabus Crash Hotline

Bus accidents are not uncommon. Although these vehicles far outweigh any other vehicle except for large trucks and other buses, passengers are relatively unprotected from sudden stops or collisions that can easily eject them from their seats or into the seat in front of them, causing severe injuries.

Bus companies are loathe to admit fault in any accident. Poor driver training, equipment failures, driver distraction, speed and drug use are often the causes of tragic bus accidents. When bus accidents do occur, you have a valuable resource in Jon Ostroff who has handled bus accident cases nationwide. Jon Ostroff has been a Philadelphia area attorney for nearly 25 years and his office is only minutes away from the scene of this latest crash. When tragedy occurs, our Bus Accident Lawyers mobilize their resources to analyze the causes of the crash and to answer questions from local and national media as well as from injured passengers and concerned family members.

We highly recommend that passengers involved in this crash not speak to Megabus—please call us immediately to discuss your legal rights concerning this accident.

A Glance at the Philadelphia I-676 Bus Crash

The morning of September 9, 2013, a double-decker Megabus crashed with a school bus and a minivan on I-676 in Center City as it approached the Schuylkill Expressway. No details have been disclosed as to the cause of the collision. 9 passengers have been transported to Hahnemann Hospital with various injuries according to police.

This is not the first accident involving, a company affiliated with Coach USA/ Coach Canada and DATTCO, that provides discount travel services in the US and Canada. It was reported in July of this year that a Megabus struck an overpass in Manhattan. A megabus was also involved this summer in a fatality following a crash in Illiniois. In 2010, four people were killed in a Megabus crash that struck a low railroad bridge near Syracuse, New York.

If you or a family member were a passenger on this Megabus or your child was on the school bus involved in this crash, the we would like to talk to you. Your information may be pivotal to our understanding of how this accident occurred and the circumstances that led to the collision. Please call us to discuss this accident with our bus accident lawyers. We will review your legal rights after this bus crash. You may also fill in the online contact form to get Jon working on defending your rights to a recovery. We look forward to hearing from you.