Mulero v. Revere Crossing Management Premises Liability Case

Mulero v. Revere Crossing Management Premises Liability Case

The jury in Delaware County, Pennsylvania recently issued a near seven-figure verdict in a premises liability case between plaintiff Tiffany Mulero and defendants Revere Crossing Management and Central Management Services LLC. Managing Partner Rich Godshall and senior attorney Christine Clarke of Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers represented the plaintiff in this case.

Case Insights and Overview

The plaintiff Tiffany Mulero was visiting an apartment complex owned by Revere Crossing Management when she fell down the stairs and sustained major injuries. Mulero stated the stairwell was not properly maintained as it lacked protective guardrails or lighting to keep users safe. Mulero also highlighted the defendants’ knowledge of the danger related to the unprotected stairs and the simplicity of the fix. Due to the inadequate safety measures, Mulero suffered a broken femur that required a complex surgery and months of recovery.

Defendant’s Stance and Final Verdicts

In its pretrial memo, the Defendants maintained that Mulero was trespassing on their property. They argued that Mulero could not sue as she did not live within the complex and chose to trespass. The defendants also focused on Mulero visiting her ex-boyfriend and lurking outside his window that night.

In the end, the jury in Delaware County, Pennsylvania issued a verdict of $900,000 to Tiffany Mulero for the premises liability case. The jury found that the Defendants’ focus on labeling Mulero as a trespasser and details on her personal relationship were irrelevant. This verdict marked a major win in a challenging premises liability case.

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