Limited Tort

Limited Tort

Insurance adjusters are employed by companies who profit from scaring you away from making a claim, when they would otherwise be responsible for paying you.

Many people contact us because they’ve been in an automobile accident and they chose the “limited tort” option on their insurance policy. The insurance company said that they are not able to make a recovery because they selected limited tort. Often, we find that we can help people in this situation and ultimately obtain a recovery for them.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of your injury being serious enough that you fall into what’s called the “serious injury exception.” The lawyers at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers often have a much different opinion than the insurance company as to whether a client’s injury is serious enough for them to obtain a recovery for their pain and suffering. Perhaps when you first attempted to make a claim with the insurance company, your injury was not as serious as it is now. You’re receiving medical treatment months after the your accident occurred.

Exceptions to Limited Tort

Also, there are automatic exceptions to limited tort. There is an exception if you were not in a regular private passenger vehicle when the accident occurred. There is an exception if you sustained injuries in a crash with a drunk driver. Your attorney should know all the exceptions. If one of these exceptions applies to you, we can still obtain a recovery for you. That’s even if your injury was not serious enough to make a recovery otherwise.

Contact Our Office

Whatever the case may be, it is always worth your while to contact our law office, even if you chose the limited tort option. We are able to help many clients, even when their insurance adjuster or other law firms told them otherwise. It’s worth picking up the phone to make one simple call to our office. In a short while, we can provide you with our expert opinion as to whether we can help you.