Jon Ostroff Recovers $150,000 for a Clearfield County Injury Client

Jon Ostroff Recovers $150,000 for a Clearfield County Injury Client

In early May, 2010, Jon Ostroff recovered $150,000 for a Clearfield County injury client. Jon’s client was a young woman who was injured in a one vehicle accident while a passenger in a car driven by her boyfriend. After he lost control of his automobile on ice, the car slammed into a tree and Jon’s young client suffered a back injury and a collapsed lung.

When this young lady first contacted Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, she was not even sure she had a claim. She was insured under a limited tort policy and didn’t want to sue her boyfriend. She spoke with Jon Ostroff in November 2009. Jon explained that he could definitely help her. He felt he could obtain a substantial recovery for her without having to sue her boyfriend.

Indeed, this was great news to her. Jon’s client returned to work within a few months of her accident. She never required surgery for her injuries, so she was concerned. Were her injuries weren’t serious enough to obtain a recovery since she was bound by limited tort?

The Outcome for Jon’s Clearfield County Injury Client

Jon delivered on his promise to his client. Within 3 months of starting, Jon Ostroff obtained the $50,000 liability policy limits from his client’s boyfriend’s insurance policy. Jon obtained this amount in less than 3 months without having to file a lawsuit and without his client having to go to court against her boyfriend.

Jon’s client thought this was all the insurance he could recover. But Jon kept going. Jon pursued a claim against his client’s underinsured motorist coverage (“UIM”) and obtained another $100,000 for his young client in about 7 months for a total recovery of $150,000. This was a great recovery in light of these facts:

  • Jon Ostroff’s client had limited tort,
  • She required no surgery,
  • The victim was back to work in a few months, and
  • She did not want to sue her boyfriend.

Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers has been helping clients like this one for over 25 years. Jon has been successful in using this experience to obtain recoveries like this one, in less time and with less aggravation then his clients expect. If you need a lawyer who knows what he is doing and knows how to get results like this, contact Jon Ostroff at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers.