How Many Teens are Driving Distracted?

How Many Teens are Driving Distracted?

We talk a lot about the dangers of distracted driving and with good reason.  Distracted driving can be deadly.

We’ve analyzed a lot of statistics that come out from various sources in an attempt to understand how best to combat the problem of distracted driving in Pennsylvania.  Of all the distracted driving statistics we’ve read, there is perhaps, none more alarming than the results from a recent survey by AAA and Seventeen Magazine.

The AAA / Seventeen Magazine survey found that almost 9 out of 10 teenagers engage in distracted driving, such as texting while driving.  What’s worse? 84% of those surveyed said they realize how dangerous distracted driving can be and most do it anyway.

Seventeen Magazine will be holding an event on September 17 that encourages teens to take two seconds to turn off their cell phones before driving.  Our Pennsylvania auto accident lawyers encourage teenagers, and older drivers, to take part in the event and to take other actions to avoid the perils of distracted driving.