How Important are Police Reports?

How Important are Police Reports?

Pennsylvania State Police are required to investigate accidents that occur on state roads or interstates and that result in death, injury, or damage to a vehicle that is so significant that the vehicle can’t be driven away from the accident scene. While you, and your auto accident lawyer, may be interested in the police report it is important to remember that you may still have a case even if the content of the report is wrong.

Police officers do their best to get the content of the accident report correct. However, there are a number of reasons why an error might occur.

Why Accident Reports May be Inaccurate

• Officers must manage public safety at the same time they investigate and write the report.
• Officers were not there at the time of the accident and thus may miss critical information.
• The goal of a police officer’s accident report is not to make your legal case for you. Instead, it is to obtain information to prevent future accidents.

Get Legal Help

If you have been hurt in a car crash then please contact an experienced lawyer to learn more about your rights and about how to handle an incorrect police report.