Hotline for Victims of I-80 Mercer Co. Crash

Hotline for Victims of I-80 Mercer Co. Crash

Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers has opened a free 24/7 hotline for drivers and passengers involved in the multi-vehicle crash that occurred on Interstate 80 near Shenango Township in Mercer County, PA. Our lawyers are on standby to share important legal information with the victims.

Details of the I-80 Crash in Mercer County, PA

A 12-vehicle crash happened at 3:32 p.m. on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 during near-white-out conditions on I-80. Police say the collisions resulted from a tractor-trailer that had jackknifed across the road. A second tractor-trailer could not stop in time and hit the first trailer, splitting it in two and scattering cargo across the lanes. Due to poor visibility, more vehicles continued to strike the semi-trucks, leading to a pileup crash. Of the 12 vehicles involved, nine to ten were commercial vehicles.

Many people were trapped inside their cars following the collisions. Four people were seriously injured. Due to the snowstorm and road closures, helping the victims was particularly difficult. The West Middlesex Volunteer Fire Department used ATVs to reach them. A school bus transported other victims to safety in West Middlesex.

Free, No-Obligation Legal Information for Crash Victims

Call our free hotline today if you or a family member was part of the multi-vehicle crash in Mercer County. We have spoken to a few people involved and have gathered information for victims and their families. Our attorneys can answer your questions and explain your legal rights. There is no obligation when you call.

Please Note: Avoid discussing the crash with the trucking companies’ representatives or insurance companies or signing any paperwork before speaking with our attorneys. Calling this hotline first will allow us to explain what’s at stake and how to protect yourself.

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