First Quarter of 2012 is Deadly on U.S. Roads

First Quarter of 2012 is Deadly on U.S. Roads

Preliminary statistics about the number of people killed in United States motor vehicle accidents between January and March 2012 have been released and they show a “significant increase” in fatalities compared with the same period of 2011. If the preliminary numbers hold this would be the second largest year to year quarterly increase in fatalities since the government began tracking this statistic in 1975.

It is estimated that 7,630 people died in U.S. motor vehicle accidents during the first quarter of this year compared with 6,720 deaths during the first quarter of 2011. That is an increase of 13.5%.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that it is too soon to speculate about the reasons for the increase in traffic related deaths and that more research needs to be done into the cause of the fatal accidents. However, the NHTSA and AAA have said that the unusually warm winter may have contributed to the increase in fatalities because more vehicles may have been on the road.

As an accidental death lawyer, I extend my condolences to the loved ones of each of the 7,630 people who died in first quarter accidents.