Disturbing New Information About Drivers

Disturbing New Information About Drivers

New drivers may sit through hours of driver’s education and clock hours of behind the wheel practice before taking their driver’s license exam. After all, one must pass the exam before becoming a licensed driver.

However, how many licensed drivers could pass the exam as adults?

A new study from found that the answer may be lower than you think. had adult drivers take a standard driver’s license exam and nearly half of those who participated failed the test. If they were teens or new drivers trying to get a license to drive on the road then they would have been denied the opportunity to drive.

Only three drivers got a perfect score out of the 500 adult drivers who took the test.

This may mean that some adult drivers don’t remember all the rules of the road. They don’t remember what they should do to avoid a crash. If you have been hurt in a Pennsylvania accident, with a driver of any age, then we encourage you to contact an experienced Reading personal injury attorney today to find out more about your rights and your possible recovery.