Could Technology Help Prevent Rear End Crashes?

Could Technology Help Prevent Rear End Crashes?

For years technological advancements such as antilock brakes, airbags and vehicle stability controls have helped reduce the severity of injuries suffered in an accident.  However, could technology go one step further and prevent rear end crashes – or accidents from happening altogether?

Recent data from Volvo and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that a type of forward collision avoidance system used in some Volvos is helping drivers prevent approximately 25% of low speed rear end accidents that are common in cities and crowded commuter areas.  Volvo’s “City Safety” forward collision avoidance system has been standard on Volvo XC60s since model year 2010.  The system works at speeds of 2 – 19 mph and detects the distance between your car and the car in front of you.

Have you driven a car with this system?  Did you find it useful in preventing crashes?

While the technology may be useful in preventing some crashes, it will not prevent all accidents. If you’ve been hurt in a Pennsylvania accident, please contact a Reading personal injury attorney for more information about your rights.