How Much is a Broken Bone Injury Case Worth?

How Much is a Broken Bone Injury Case Worth?

Motor vehicle crashes are a common cause of broken bones. In fact, the number of crashes involving broken bones may be even higher than statistics show. A 2010 survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 30 percent of crashes go unreported, and many of those incidents involve broken bones.

A broken bone is not a minor injury. It can stop you from working, completing daily tasks, and enjoying your hobbies. It can affect your marriage and other relationships. If someone’s carelessness caused a car crash that led to your broken bone injuries, here’s what you need to know about seeking justice and compensation.

Protecting Your Rights After Suffering a Broken Bone

People often ask questions like: “How much is a broken arm worth in car accident?” or “How much is the average payout for a broken wrist?” In truth, there is no calculator or chart that can output a definitive dollar sign for a person who suffered a broken bone in a vehicle crash. The unique facts of the case will determine the compensation an individual might receive. Some of these factors include:

  • The severity of the broken bone or bones.
  • The body part or parts affected by the broken bone injury and whether the victim will ever regain all function.
  • How long the impairments from the broken bone will last, or if they are permanent.
  • Whether the victim also suffers from other physical injuries or emotional distress from the crash.
  • Whether the victim obtained appropriate medical treatment and the treating physicians provided clear diagnoses and medical predictions for recovery, future treatment, and possible future disability from employment.
  • Medical bills and expenses related to the crash and the resulting broken bones.
  • The length of time and extent that the victim will have to endure limitations due to his or her broken bones.
  • How the injuries affect daily activities.
  • The effect the injuries have and will have on the victim’s marriage and spouse.

The county or court where the lawsuit is filed can also impact the value of the claim. Verdicts and case value will vary dramatically from one county to another. Your law firm should be skilled at finding the best county to file your lawsuit and keeping it in that county, even when the insurance company’s attorneys fight it.

Is a Broken Bone in a Car Crash a Serious Injury?

A fracture, which refers to any kind of broken bone, results from too much pressure on a bone. Fractures vary in severity. If a broken bone punctures the skin, it is called a compound fracture or open fracture. Repeated or prolonged force against a bone can cause a stress fracture.

It’s critical to seek professional medical help immediately after any vehicle crash. Fractures and other injuries may not immediately show symptoms. Later on, the untreated injury could be far worse and more painful. Getting a timely diagnosis and treatment is an important step toward recovery.

If someone caused a crash that led to your broken bone injuries, an experienced attorney can explain the claims process after you receive medical help.

Type of Broken Bones in a Vehicle Crash

Drivers and passengers involved in a crash often sustain one or more of these broken bone injuries:

  • Neck, back and torso fractures
    • Vertebra fractures
    • Fractures in shoulder region
    • Rib fractures
    • Sternum fractures
    • Collarbone fractures
  • Face/jaw
    • Face and nose fractures
    • Jaw fractures, lost/broken teeth
  • Hip/Pelvis
    • Hip fractures, dislocation
    • Pelvis fractures
  • Limbs
    • Feet and toe fractures
    • Leg and knee fractures
    • Arm and wrist fractures
    • Hand fractures

Limbs are particularly vulnerable to fractures in a vehicle crash. If a victim sees that a vehicle is about to slam into them, it is human nature to tighten up and brace at impact. As a result, bones and joints are jolted or jammed into the steering wheel, windshield, floor, brake or dashboard. Fractured bones are common, since the object they strike is much harder; the weaker bone gives way and suffers the most damage.

Anyone involved in a crash should seek professional medical attention right away, even if symptoms are not present yet. Failure to treat any broken bone can lead to a more severe break and more pain later.

How Much is a Broken Bone Injury Case Worth?

Many prospective clients ask us: How much compensation do you get for a broken bone? The factors above will help determine the possible payout. Below are a few examples from some of our past cases involving a client with a broken bone.

$10 Million for a Client with Head-to-Toe Injuries
A client sustained injuries from head to toe when a tractor trailer hit and crushed the stopped vehicle at full speed. (Greene County, PA crash/lawsuit filed in Allegheny County, PA)

$3.8 Million for a Client with Facial Fractures
Our client’s vehicle struck the side of a tractor trailer at night time. She sustained complex fractures to her face and a brain injury. (Towanda, PA resident/arbitration award in Bradford County – largest ever reported in at time of recovery)

$3.5 Million for a Child with Multiple Broken Bones
A drunk driver struck a child while she was riding a bike. The child suffered fractures to her face, ribs, and clavicle and a mild traumatic brain injury. (Montgomery County settlement/ Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA client)

$1.2 Million for a Client with Vertebra Fractures
A client sustained severe vertebra fractures in a high-speed automobile crash with a drunk driver. (Client from Chester County)

$650,000 for a Client with a Broken Leg
Our client suffered a broken leg in a motor vehicle crash and required surgery. (Settlement in Philadelphia)

$315,000 for a Client with a Broken Ankle
Our client was struck by a car as a pedestrian in a Wawa parking lot, causing a concussion with post-concussion syndrome and a broken ankle that required surgery. (Lawsuit in Montgomery County)

$300,000 for a Client with a Broken Leg
We obtained this settlement for a client who fell on a wet floor while on the job, suffering a broken leg that required surgery. (Chester, PA client/lawsuit filed in Delaware County)

$200,000 for a Client with Broken Ribs and Vertebra
Our client suffered multiple rib fractures, a lung injury, and a broken vertebra in a motor vehicle accident. The driver was uninsured, and our client had limited tort insurance. (Butler, PA client)

Getting Legal Help After Suffering Broken Bone Injuries

Broken bones can lead to unexpected medical bills, lost wages, and other financial consequences. That’s why it’s helpful to contact an experienced lawyer for help. Retaining legal representation can help seek compensation for related expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers has helped more than 25,000 Pennsylvania crash victims over the past 25 years. During that time, Jon Ostroff and his experienced legal team have obtained million-dollar recoveries across the state.

If another lawyer already said you do not have a case, call our firm anyway. It doesn’t matter to us what other lawyers told you. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients who were initially told or thought they were not able to seek justice and compensation. Even if you have limited tort insurance coverage and heard you cannot file a claim, schedule a free consultation with our firm. We may be able to find an exception so limited tort does not apply to you.

If you suffered broken bone injuries in a vehicle accident, we can help. Contact Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to speak with our Pennsylvania car crash lawyers about how we can help you.