Pennsylvania Students Injured in Boston Bus Accident

Pennsylvania Students Injured in Boston Bus Accident

On Saturday, February 2, 2013, a bus carrying 42 high school students and adult chaperones from the Philadelphia area were returning from Harvard University in Boston when their bus crashed into a bridge overpass, injuring 35 passengers. At least one person was reported to have life-threatening injuries and three others with serious injuries from this Boston bus accident.

The single vehicle accident occurred just before 8:00 p.m. on the Soldier’s Field Road in Boston. The bus, owned by Calvery Coach Bus Company of Philadelphia, was apparently in violation of state law that prohibits vehicles on that roadway from exceeding a 10-foot height limit. The driver reportedly failed to notice signs warning him of the height limit as he approached the bridge.

The collision caused the front part of the bus’ roof to cave in with the center section bowed downward. Firefighting crews took over an hour to extricate the trapped passengers.

The driver was cited with an over-height violation and police have not ruled out more charges. The driver allegedly told police that he was unaware of the height restrictions and had glanced at his GPS just before crashing into the overpass.

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