A New Future for Fracking in PA?

A New Future for Fracking in PA?

Capped-Wells4Last week, Pennsylvania Governor Corbett passed controversial amendments to the state Oil and Gas Act and fracking in PA.

The amendments are part of the Marcellus Shale Act. The legislation puts much of the control over fracking in PA will occur in the hands of the state government. Local ordinances must allow for reasonable development of oil and gas resources, according to the amendments.

There is a nod to safety. Fracking companies will have to complete a chemical disclosure form. That’s in accordance with regulations that are not yet promulgated. However, there is concern over whether Pennsylvania has overstepped its authority. The state may have potentially put communities and individuals in a position to accept a risk that they do not want.

At least one town, Robinson Township in Washington County, has indicated that it might legally challenge the Marchellus Shale amendments.

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If you have been hurt in a fracking accident or, if you have become ill after fracking has occurred near your home, please contact a Pennsylvania fracking accident lawyer today. We’ll explain your rights.