3 Reasons to Call Your Lawyer From the Scene of an Accident

3 Reasons to Call Your Lawyer From the Scene of an Accident

Who do you call when you are in an accident?

Likely, you call your spouse, your parent, or your best friend.  You need to make that call—particularly if you are hurt and need emotional support.

However, you also need to make another call.  You need to call Ostroff Injury Law to talk to your auto accident lawyer.

Pennsylvania accident victims should call their injury attorney directly from the accident scene for various reasons.

3 Reasons to Call Your Lawyer from the Scene

  • Advise Them on What Information to Get at the Accident Scene: most accident victims are shaken and confused after an accident.  Call Ostroff Injury Law and let a lawyer talk you through the steps that you should take at the accident scene so that your case can be properly investigated later;
  • Deal with the Insurance Company up Front: most insurance adjusters want to trick accident victims into admitting things that will allow the insurance company to pay them less money.  Hire a lawyer who knows all about how insurance companies work and who will deal with the insurance company on their very first call; and
  • Provide Them with Peace of Mind: there is so much to think about after an accident. The physical pain can be debilitating, the emotional aftermath can be frightening, and the logistical details of a damaged car can be a nightmare.   Accident victims have a lot of important details to attend to – you don’t need to add the investigation, settlement negotiation, and litigation of your accident to that list.  Let an experienced attorney handle those aspects of your recovery for you.

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