10 Deadly Driving Mistakes Your Teen Might be Making

10 Deadly Driving Mistakes Your Teen Might be Making

Recently, the Allstate Foundation released the results of a May 2009 study regarding teens and driving.  According to the study:

  • 82% of teenagers report using their phone and driving;
  • 23% of teenagers report drinking and driving;
  • 77% of teenagers admit feeling unsafe when another teenager is driving;
  • Yet, only 59% of teenagers say they will speak up if they are afraid or nervous when another teen is driving;
  • About half of teenagers report that texting while driving is a distraction;
  • Teenage girls are 13% more likely than teenage boys to talk, text or email on their cell phones while driving;
  • Almost half of the teenage girls surveyed admit to driving 10 or more miles over the posted speed limit;
  • More than 60% of teenagers worry about getting in a car accident but still admit to driving while distracted or other unsafe driving practices;
  • The number of teenage girls who admit to aggressive driving is  up 7% from 2005; and
  • You may no longer be a good driving influence on your teenager.  Teenagers report wearing their seatbelts more often and signaling lane changes more often than their parents.

It is important to teach your teenagers how dangerous distracted driving can be and to take steps now to prevent a tragic accident.

Source: Allstate Foundation, Teen Driving – Shifting Teen Attitudes: 2009 State of Teen Driving