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Why Limited Tort May Not Mean Limited Recovery

As soon as you hear the words “limited tort” uttered by an insurance agent, it is important to contact an experienced limited tort lawyer.  Here’s why:

  • You may not in fact have limited tort coverage. Just because an insurance agent says you have a limited tort policy does mean that it is true.  Your limited tort attorney will carefully review your insurance policy to determine if limited tort is an actual issue for you.
  • You may have limited tort coverage and still be able to recover damages because your claim fits into one of the limited tort exceptions.  Pennsylvania law recognizes six exceptions to limited tort, including:
    • You were riding a motorcycle when you were hurt.
    • You were a pedestrian when you were hurt.
    • You were a passenger on a commercial vehicle (such as a bus or taxi) when you were hurt.
    • The driver who caused your accident was drunk.
    • The driver who caused your accident was driving a car registered in a state other than Pennsylvania.
    • You incurred an injury that resulted in a serious impairment to a significant bodily function.

For more information about your potential recovery in a Pennsylvania accident, please contact an experienced limited tort lawyer who cares about your just recovery.

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