When winning is the only option

There may be more money than you realize!

Call Personal  Injury Lawyer Jon Ostroff: The outcome of your call may surprise you.

Jon doesn’t care what other lawyers told you.

If other lawyers have told you that you don’t have a case, call Jon anyway. He has recovered millions of dollars for clients who were told they didn’t have a case by other lawyers.

Jon doesn’t care that the police blamed you.

If the police blamed you for the accident, but you know it wasn’t your fault, call Jon. In one small Pennsylvania town alone, Jon recovered millions for two different clients, in two different accidents,
even though the police blamed each of them for the accident they were in. Jon proved the police wrong, and his two clients recovered millions as a result.

Limited tort? Jon may still be able to help!

If you have limited tort insurance and were told that you cannot get a recovery, call Jon. He may be able to find an exception so that limited tort does not apply to you, even if you chose it. Or, Jon may feel that he can prove that your injury is serious enough for a recovery with limited tort.

No insurance? Jon may still be able to help!

If the guy that hit you did not have insurance, call Jon. He may be able to find insurance that is available from one of many possible sources. The driver of the car that caused the accident is often not the only partywith insurance that you can recover.

There may be a lot more money out there than you realize! Click here to learn where you can collect money from, and why you want
to call Jon now.

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