We are proud to share the feedback we’ve received from our former clients. There is no better way for you to find out what it’s like to work with us on your personal injury case than to hear from someone just like you who has already worked with us.

Ostroff Injury Law is a reputable firm with an excellent staff. Sue Gross is an experienced and intelligent paralegal with a sunny disposition who will always do her best for you! I recommend Ostroff Injury Law.

Erin Stanton

I would like to take the time to acknowledge Jon Ostroff for his first-rate legal advice and services. We contacted Ostroff law after our company was wrongfully sued. Jon did not waste any time - he methodically researched my case and carefully analyzed the situation and then recommended the appropriate actions. He showed exceptional knowledge and expertise on the matters of my case. During arbitration I personally witnessed his passion for his work. Commitment and perseverance sets him aside from others and as a result of his hard work, the case against our company was dropped. I highly, without reservation recommend Ostroff Law for anyone facing a legal challenge. Thank you, Jon - it was truly a pleasure to work with you and your team.

Weiss Saidi

My wife and I were hit by another vehicle who ran through a red light. I suffered several injuries, some serious. I thought that because I had limited tort on my car insurance policy, I had no recourse. The other guy had a minimal policy and I had expenses beyond just a totaled car.I called Attorney Ostroff and he and his staff recovered more for me than I ever thought possible. While Ostroff Injury Law has many on staff, there were two people who shepherded me through my case, my Case Manager Iesha Thomas and Paralegal Tracy Schalek. They were professional and dedicated. They communicated with me consistently throughout and listened to all of my questions and concerns.Attorney Ostroff has all of the same qualities and is a skilled negotiator. He genuinely cared about my recovery and that I was fully healed. He is intelligent, articulate and experienced.I would heartily...

David Torrey

I was injured in a hit-n-run accident 1 1/2 yrs ago. I contacted S & S where they said they would take my case. They had me in Physical therapy and doctor’s offices for 6 months. One day I received a letter stating they had dropped me due to not believing they could get a “substantial settlement” offer. They left all bills unpaid and I was out high and dry with no explanation. I felt helplessI was then referred to Ostroff. Stacie Gryga was my direct contact throughout the entire process. Let me just say she is amazing. Very informative when needed and kept me up to date with case status. Ostroff was able to maximize my settlement. Had all medical bills paid off. Had it not been for them, I’d still be stuck with medical bills that S & S should’ve taken care of..and still feeling helpless. Thank you...

Troy White

Ethan was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He made sure i understood him and that he understood me. Took the time to make sure all my questions and concerns were answered and addressed.

Jeremy Fishnick

My husband was on his bicycle and hit by a drunk driver. We thought the insurance company would be honorable and help us with all our bills but instead they denied us coverage based on the type of bicycle my husband had. We knew this was wrong and we sought help from Ostroff Law. They were so professional and without their help in proving that the decision the car insurance company made was incorrect we are not sure what would have happened.

Dotty Rhoads