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A Personal Injury Client

Consistent communication, incredible attention to detail, unwavering support on your behalf, ultimately ensuring the outcome that you deserve….delivered 100% by Jon Ostroff, Eric Frost, Karen Ronan, Nancy Fink and staff.

The injury in my case was a result of an automobile accident in which I was rear-ended nearly totaling my new car and leaving me physically harmed and in a terrible mental state, in which I felt completely overwhelmed, lost and in total despair. The day after my accident I immediately started getting calls from the at-fault party insurance company asking me to settle. My head was spinning, I was in pain and in a state of confusion…..What is in my best interest? Who is going to look out for me and my family and represent me for what is right? Does anyone care about how my quality of life has been diminished? Will this pain ever go away? I knew I needed help……looking for an attorney who had empathy for me first turned out to be a daunting task until I spoke with Jon Ostroff. Jon talked with me not only about how I was doing physically but also about how I was doing mentally, how my family was impacted as a result of the accident, how I was dealing with every day activities and how to get the help that I needed in order to get my life back to some degree of normalcy. After a few minutes on the phone with Jon and meeting with him I immediately knew I found a true advocate. Caring about getting me better first and taking on those activities that truly made me feel vulnerable put my mind at ease. Jon and team took on communicating with the at-fault party insurance company and totally took me out of that loop so I could concentrate on my recovery and my family. I finally felt at ease and protected once I hired Jon to represent me.

I had access to Jon and his staff at any time and Jon often called me from his cell letting me know about the process. I sincerely could not ask for anything more…….Jon and staff came through for me at a time in my life when I needed someone to take on the serious task of fighting for me and my family in order to get fair compensation for my injuries.

Thank you Jon and staff for everything!!

A Car Accident Client

This attorney is outstanding. He took my case when no other attorney would, since I had limited tort car insurance. I was told I would not get anything, but back wages. Jon Ostroff fought for me and I was able to get a nice settlement. His team was always in touch and followed up on appointments, Karen R. felt like she was a friend not someone doing a job. I would Highly recommend this Team to anyone!!!!!!

A Car Accident Client

On the recommendation of a friend who had contracted with Ostroff Injury Law to represent his wife in an accident settlement, and who spoke VERY favorably of his experience with Jon and his firm, I consulted with them and a number of other firms and individual attorneys concerning legal action for injuries sustained from an accident that I had been in. After much research, I settled on Jon’s firm to help me with my case. The firm was responsive, caring, and attentive to my concerns and to EVERY question I had throughout the process. The process was slow at first as I had to complete my course of medical care before the firm could proceed with the case. It was IMPORTANT for me to supply them with detailed information about all aspects of my care and progress, but once that was completed they moved swiftly on settlements.

In the end, I am COMPLETELY satisfied with the settlements I received, and the fees charged by Ostroff Injury Law. When I compared their fees to similar cases (in online research), I found that Ostroff’s fees were VERY reasonable, a fraction of what others were being charged by an assortment of different law firms. When it came time for settlement or litigation, Jon was EXCELLENT in explaining the situation and ALL of my options and likely outcomes, and insisted that I make the final decisions on whether to settle of litigate. I feel he hit the perfect balance of getting me the highest possible settlement (significantly higher than I had expected!) in a reasonable time, while not settling too quickly (or low), and also not dragging the case out and NOT charging me excessive fees (as I’ve seen happen to other people I know using other firms). Bottom line: Straight-shooters, fair deals, competent and professional, and working HARD for the best interest of the client, not to line their own pockets. That was my experience and I could not be more satisfied. I HIGHLY recommend Jon Ostroff and his firm!

A Personal Injury Client

I hired the law firm of Ostroff injury in 2012 for a premise slip and fall. After many reviews of different attorneys i decided Ostroff law firm was the best choice. Never did i have to worry about their capabilities as they went above and beyond my expectations. They explained everything along the way as far as what to expect and not expect. I liked the idea that they consult with one another as to the best course of action pertaining to my case. Always the entire staff i did business with were courteous and very helpful when i had any questions. My case was successful and i owe it to the hard work of their staff. Papers that were to be signed were sent in a timely fashion and the meet up with my attorney Eric Frost was very helpful at setting my nerves at ease. I am very impressed with their knowledge of the laws and statutes and everything was done in a timely fashion. I have nothing negative to say about Mr. Ostroff and his staff as they have proved their commitment to their clients through my eyes. Slip and fall injuries are very tough and i feel i hired the right team that cared about me and getting better, i never felt like i was only a dollar sign to them.

A Personal Injury Client

A bit over 4 months ago, I was walking in a crosswalk when I was struck by an SUV. The injuries were traumatic and trying to handle the aftermath proved too overwhelming. After considering my situation, I realized I needed a lawyer. I received a few solicitations in the mail after the accident, but I wasn’t sure about them. My daughter did an online search for highly rated PA lawyers that specialize in Pedestrian accidents, and she found Ostroff Injury Law among others. She gave me their phone number and insisted I call.

My concern with finding someone non-local is that we live in a small town, far away from any major cities. I didn’t think anyone would know where I live nor would be willing to make the trip. I was put in touch with Eric Frost of Ostroff Injury Law. He was very pleasant on the phone and immediately set up a time to come see me. A few days later he made the long trip up to speak with my husband and I, without any expectation of being retained by us. He explained the process we were facing and what he was able to realistically accomplish for us. There was no push to sign with him; it was clear that he simply wanted to help. I found that to be incredibly encouraging.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Eric Frost, Jon Ostroff, and Ostroff Injury Law to anyone needing legal assistance, especially to those with seemingly hopeless or complex situations.

A Personal Injury Client

On August 2012 I had an unfortunate accident in a store do to their negligence. After dealing with the confusing insurance store company policy and politics was far beyond me to handle along with the injury. I for the first time in my life I felt i needed the guidance of a Lawyer. I went and googled personal injury Lawyer. John Ostroff was first on the list. What better place to start but from the top. John contacted me within hours of my call. Right from the first call to the office Karen his receptionist made me feel that I made the right call. My main concern was not to be taken advantage of by the store insurance company. John responded to me within hours.

Right from the beginning of our conversation John put me a an ease and comfort that was so important. His main concern for me was that I was to concentrate only on taking care of myself and leave the store insurance company and headaches to him and his firm. What more could ask for. In December I had surgery and went through what seemed to me the longest painful and financial period in my life. I would surely like to forget even happened. Thoughtout this extreme difficult time John and his assistant Ryan kept me informed of their progress as to help ease at least the legal aspect of my recovery. Their hard work and dedication to helping me through my difficult time reminded me of the very reason John Ostroff’s firm was at the top of the list of Lawyers. Whenever I would speak to Ryan on behalf of John he would constantly reinforce me just take care of myself. Leave the hard work to them, after all this is their job not mine to worry. The insurance company did make an offer that totally applied John and Ryan. Always leaving the decisions to what was best for me to have the final say. Their persistent and hard work paid off very well for me. This December 2012 John called me and explained to me that again they wanted to settle. Once again John put his heart felt concerns to the company that it was still not acceptable. Within hours John called and told me of the most thrilling news I in this lifetime I would ever receive. We finally settled for the largest amount of money I would ever have in this lifetime. I was sooo very taken back by the amount I began to cry. I would never in my life have this amount of money. I just like so many other people live pay check to pay check. My medical bills, doctors, physical therapy and hospital were all taken care of and the amount that Johns would recover for all Ryan and his work was paid in full and I had the large amount of money left .Once said and done I received my check within a week, . I still am in shock of number one the promise John made to me from our very first conversation. Take care of myself and leave the hard work to Him. On this final note I want to also comment that his entire staff is working on making sure that each and every client no matter the case are treated as though they are the number one client at the time of Johns services. If anyone who reads this review will feel my heartfelt confidence and appreciation to John and Ryan for the dedication, concern, and hard work will be so worth it for you to just do what I did call John Ostroff’s firm you will then have peace of mind that you are truly in the right hands. All my love and Thanks. There are no words that will ever be enough to Thank John, Ryan, Karen and the rest of his awesome staff.

A Previous Client

Jon was great from the day he met me at my home to discuss my case to the day I received my settlement check!

An Insurance Client

I was hurt in a head on car crash in January of 2012 and I missed 8 months of work due to this. From my first contact with Ostroff law firm through the 16 months of filings, phone calls and numerous other situations, I never once felt like I was alone. They kept great communication with me and kept me up and informed on everything that they were doing. Each and every time they needed to confirm or find something out they would let me know what they were doing. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who has been injured in any car accident to give them a call, don’t be afraid to call even if you are not from where they are. I live 2 hours and 15 minutes from them and the first time I had to see them physically was about 6 weeks before we settled my claim. Everyone from the secretaries, to the paralegals to the lawyers to the owners were very much for real and never once made us feel like we were beneath them.

 A Car Accident Client

My ride back home after a long day of work was going great… until I was involved in a car accident! I will never forget that day, or the pain that I was forced to endure thanks to someone who did not control his alcohol intake on a Wednesday night. It was the worse experience I have had in my life, and let’s not even talk about the pain…

Jon Ostroff was highly recommended to me by a very close relative, and from experience, he said he was the best.

The next day I gave Jon’s office a call, and not knowing what to expect from an injury lawyer, since I have never had the need for a lawyer, I AM SO GLAD I called Jon!
Jon’s staff was extremely nice to me. I was set to meet with one of his fellow attorneys (Jon was out of town) and he beyond understanding, supporting and very patient.
Jon and his team kept in close communication with me, following up every time I had a dr’s appointment because he understood that I was in pain, and under the effects of the medicine, sometimes I would forget to call. But he never missed a call. And him and his office were HEAVEN SENT. I am not happy that I was involved in an accident, BUT I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY I CALLED JONATHAN OSTROFF!

A Personal Injury Client

Mr. Ostroff took my case when no other attorney would listen. He listened and represented me with all due respect. He achieved a settlement that exceeded other attorney’s projections. He always returned my calls promptly. He is responsive, professional, and smart. You will not be disappointed. He is upfront and honest. I felt as though he and his staff worked diligently on my case. He displayed integrity and always made me feel like he had my best interest in mind. He kept me informed throughout my case along with Eric Frost. I never felt like I was in the dark. My questions were always answered promptly. I can recommend Jonathan Ostroff without any hesitation. When it comes to legal matters have no regrets.

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