Reading Failure to Diagnose Lawyer

Whether you’re getting emergency care at a hospital or just a routine checkup from your family doctor, you have a right to expect every medical professional involved will identify any serious medical conditions you may be dealing with and recommend appropriate treatment. Any doctor who fails to do this and allows you to suffer avoidable harm may have violated the standard of care applicable to them as a healthcare provider. This might make them civilly liable for losses you’ve suffered because of their misconduct.

Even if you have lots of evidence on your side to prove a doctor negligently failed to diagnose you properly, getting paid fairly for your damages can be next to impossible without help from our seasoned medical malpractice attorneys. With a winning Reading failure to diagnose lawyer on your side, you’ll stand a far better chance of achieving a favorable case result.

Proving a Missed Diagnosis Qualifies as Malpractice

Many small and large mistakes could prevent a doctor from diagnosing an illness or injury they had enough information to identify. Whether your doctor’s delay in diagnosing you was irresponsible enough to violate the “standard of care” applicable to them is important for a lawsuit. The error was so extreme that no reasonable doctor with the same skills and experience would’ve made the same mistake.

This can be difficult to prove even by the usual standards of injury litigation. It’s made more complicated by the certificate of merit requirement set by Pennsylvania law. As a Reading failure to diagnose attorney can explain in more detail, you typically can’t file a malpractice lawsuit unless you have a qualified medical professional willing to testify in writing that they think you have valid grounds for a claim.

Taking Action Within Filing Time Limits for Malpractice Cases

You have much less time than you might expect to take legal action against a doctor who failed to diagnose you properly. As soon as you discover that you’ve suffered harm because of a condition a doctor should’ve diagnosed much earlier than they did, you generally have two years at most to start the civil litigation process. Missing the statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims might prohibit you from getting paid anything at all.

There are no caps on how much money you can demand for injuries and losses you sustained due to a doctor’s failure to diagnose. Our skilled lawyers in Reading can help you secure the compensation you deserve after a doctor’s failure to diagnose.

Contact a Reading Failure to Diagnose Attorney for Assistance

Even a few weeks’ worth of delay in getting treatment for a serious medical condition can have life-altering and even life-threatening repercussions. If you didn’t get the care, you needed because a doctor didn’t diagnose you properly, you have grounds for civil litigation when you can prove you suffered compensable losses because of that doctor’s misconduct.

Help from a Reading failure to diagnose lawyer can be essential to building the strongest claim possible and getting every cent you deserve for your damages. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to learn more.