Reading Birth Injury Lawyer

Even if both mother and child are healthy, the process of giving birth can still be difficult, painful, and potentially dangerous without assistance from skilled and dedicated medical professionals. While most doctors, nurses, and specialists who assist with childbirth do their jobs well, those who don’t can cause life-altering trauma to infants and mothers.

Money alone can’t make up for the immense physical and psychological harm that an injury during childbirth can cause for an entire family, as our seasoned medical malpractice attorneys know all too well. Demanding fair financial restitution for specific compensable losses with a Reading birth injury lawyer’s help can be key to maximizing quality of life for you, your child, and everyone who loves you.

Filing Suit Over Common Birth Injuries

Modern medical science has provided obstetricians and other medical professionals who assist with childbirth with lots of options for protecting the well-being of newborns while also minimizing discomfort and injury to the mother. Unfortunately, misuse of tools like forceps and vacuum extractors during difficult childbirths can quickly lead to life-changing injuries. A lack of communication between medical staff members, failure to identify and account for complicating factors, lack of pre- and post-birth care for both mother and child, and failure to quickly order or correctly perform a C-section can also result in significant harm.

Mistakes like these can lead to various forms of trauma with long-lasting consequences, including:

Once hired, your Reading attorney can take proactive legal action over these or any other types of trauma you or your child suffered because of medical misconduct during childbirth.

Getting Paid Fairly for All Compensable Losses

Since there’s no way for money to completely make up for the trauma associated with a birth injury, lawsuits and settlement proposals built around these sorts of injuries center around the harm that can be addressed through monetary payment. This can include both economic losses like medical bills, which have objective financial values, and more subjective non-economic losses like physical pain, emotional distress, and loss of life’s pleasures.

You’ll need to start working on a birth injury claim sooner rather than later alongside one of our lawyers in Reading if you want to recover fairly. Even if your or your child’s injuries will have lifelong repercussions, Pennsylvania law typically gives people two years after discovering they were harmed by medical misconduct to file suit, although there are some exceptions to this rule under specific circumstances.

Take Action with Help from a Reading Birth Injury Attorney

The birth of a child should always be an exciting and happy moment for everyone in the newborn’s family. Unfortunately, not every doctor who helps with this process does so with the care and consideration expected of them by law, leading to debilitating—and entirely avoidable—trauma for both infants and mothers.

In a situation like this, demanding compensation from the people responsible for harming your family may be key to protecting your family’s best interests both now and well into the future. Call today to discuss your options with a Reading birth injury lawyer from our team during a free, no-obligation consultation.