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What Is Negligence?


Hi, I’m John Ostroff. Thanks for visiting OstroffLaw.com. You clicked on the question, “What is negligence?” I’m gonna answer that for you.

A personal injury lawsuit is based on one party being negligent and causing harm to another. It means the party that was negligent acted in a way that was wrong, that caused the other party harm. It can be a mistake, it can be much more than a mistake. Insurance covers negligent acts, acts that are in violation typically of a statute, violating the rules of the road if you’re a car driver, failing to keep a safe distance in front of you and rear-ending another car would be an example of negligence. Not maintaining your sidewalk in a safe condition and creating a danger that someone trips and falls on and is harmed. That would be negligent.

Negligent conduct is conduct that would render you responsible if someone suffers harm as a result of your negligent act. I hope that answers your question. Thanks.

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