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What Is Full Coverage?


Hey, I’m John Ostroff. Thanks for visiting OstroffLaw.com. You clicked on the question, “I have full coverage, “I’m protected.” What exactly is full coverage? I’m gonna answer that for you.

There’s a lot of confusion over this and the confusion is because there’s three common insurance terms, full coverage, full tort, and limited tort. And I wanna make sure you understand the difference. In fact, if you click on the question below, below me on this screen, you’re gonna learn more about limited tort insurance and when you can pursue a claim with limited tort insurance. I’d recommend that you look at that if you have limited tort. Full tort means you have preserved your rights to sue under all circumstances if you’ve been injured in a car accident. Full coverage is what people think they have because they’ve met the standard for insurance coverage in Pennsylvania.

Often, people confuse full coverage with limited and full tort and they’re really very different. Full coverage simply means that you have at least the minimum that you’re required. You have the minimum medical insurance coverage in Pennsylvania. You have the minimum liability protection which is what you protects you if you’re at fault for a crash. You have the minimum but it’s still full coverage even though you don’t have a lot of coverage. It could also be the highest coverage you can get. Full coverage just means you’ve met state requirements.

Full tort and limited tort are worth learning more about and that’s why I recommend you click on the limited tort question to learn more about that. I hope that answers your questions. Thanks.

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