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What Happens If The Person Who Hit Me Is Underinsured?


Hi, I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting https://ostrofflaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question, “What happens if the person who hit you is underinsured?” This is common, and I’m gonna answer this question for you.

Let’s say that you’re in a crash, it’s the other guy’s fault, and you sustain an injury that would be worth $100,000 in front of a jury or for settlement purposes. And let’s say the person at fault only has $25,000 of insurance. You’re entitled to what’s called underinsured motorist coverage, or UIM. Hopefully you have it on your insurance policy.

If you haven’t been injured in an accident, and you’re watching this video just to try to figure out how much insurance you should have, and what insurance you should have, I’m gonna tell you that underinsured motorist coverage and uninsured motorist coverage are two of the coverages that are not expensive, and perhaps the most important you should have. If you look below, you’ll see that there’s another question I answer here about what UIM and UM, and I really get into this in that question, in answering that question. As far as you’re concerned, though, if you have UIM coverage, and you’re not, there’s not enough coverage on the person at fault for your accident, if you have UIM coverage, you can get fully compensated, as long as there’s enough UIM coverage.

Also, we will look at other sources of recovery, if there’s another cause of your crash. It might not just be the other guy’s fault, it might also be something with the road, something with your vehicle that didn’t protect you, Something with their vehicle that failed. There may be other sources. A good law firm will look at everything, and not just take the low-hanging fruit, the easy recovery. That’s what we do, that’s how we build our reputation. I hope that answers your question, thanks.

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