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Pennsylvania Truck Crashes Q&A with Jon Ostroff


Hi, I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting: ostrofflaw.com You’ve clicked on the question about truck crashes, I hope I’m able to give you some helpful information. Look, if you’re watching this video and you’ve been the victim of a truck crash, the chance is, you’ve been really badly hurt. Trucks are typically on the highways. These crashes are high-speed. Trucks going 65-miles an hour and weighing an average of 20 tons. If it’s a tractor-trailer, they’re like missiles.

If you’re watching this, you’ve been badly hurt, maybe catastrophically injured, or tragically you’ve lost a loved one in a truck crash. It’s really important that you contact a law firm that knows how to handle these cases quickly. The sooner we get out to the scene in these crashes the more likely we are to win the case. If you think of the police at a crime scene, they get to the scene and lock it down immediately for 48-hours. They want to do that to preserve the evidence. We can’t lock a scene down. But if we get out there immediately we get the same benefit in figuring out what happened.

In one case we handled recently, we were able to get a recovery in 14 months because we got to the scene within three days of the crash and had experts out there within 24-hours of our arrival. We had one expert that helped us reconstruct the crash. He was able to do that for measurements in the roadway, and he was able to do that because we went to court immediately to get a court order to give us access to the truck that crushed our client’s car that ran outta gas. The truck had big damage in the front and by examining that damage, measuring it, photographing it, we could prove the truck’s speed. We were also able to get another expert to the scene that was able to determine that that truck could see our client’s car in the right lane for four-tenths of a mile, before it hit it. At least 20 seconds before it hit it. The truck driver wasn’t aware, wasn’t watching everything around him, wasn’t following the rules of the road, and missed our client’s car before crushing it.

This is one of the benefits we got from being at this scene, why we were able to obtain an outstanding recovery, and to do it not as long after the crash as you would think for a client that really needed us; that really needed the kind of representation that we give. Again, take a look at the results that we’ve gotten for truck crash victims. These highway crashes with trucks, even if they’re not on a highway, they’re in a city, they’re serious. You need serious representation. You need a lawyer that’s gonna take care of you. We’ll do that. Thanks.

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