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Spouse’s Rights


Hi, I’m John Ostroff, thanks for visiting ostrofflaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question about a spouse’s rights, it’s also called loss of consortium, I’m gonna answer that question.

Loss of consortium is a damage, a source of recovery that you can receive in a personal injury case. In fact, if you see below the question about damages is another place where I talk about it being one of the three sources of recovery you’re entitled to if you are injured. Actually, in this case, if your spouse was injured by another person. Loss of consortium is based on the fact that if your spouse is injured, you’re also the one that’s gonna suffer harm. You’re gonna have to do a lot more work around the house, it interferes with your relationship, it interferes with your relations, it impacts both of you. Loss of consortium is a damage that recognizes that and will, depending on the impact on the relationship and the amount of burden the injuries that your spouse suffers in an accident, that’s what will impact the value of your loss of consortium claim. So loss of consortium is the claim of the spouse who is married to an injured person. I hope that answers your question, thanks.

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