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Pre-Litigation Phase


The pre-litigation phase of your case starts the day you retain us, and goes until we sue the party that caused the injuries to you. This is a very important phase in the case, and it can be very short, it can be days. If you’ve been in a catastrophic crash, and we have to lock down evidence and get court orders and preserve a scene, we may need to file a lawsuit immediately. We may even come to you with a complaint within days of being hired so that we can get a court order to get going. That’s not common, but it happens. More often, our clients need to get medical care, and it’s important that they get that treatment. Because if there’s a chance to settle your case without entering the litigation phase of your case, there’s advantages for you. You’ll get your money sooner, we spend less time and money on your case, which will come out of your outcome in the end.

We will make sure during the pre-litigation phase that your medical bills are being paid, that you’re getting the care that you need, that your doctors are helpful to you, and if they’re not, we can recommend other doctors. And we just make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. The way I describe it is, while you’re taking care of yourself, we’re taking care of you. We should be contacting you regularly, and if we’re not, I wanna know about it. If you call us, we will call you back immediately, no matter what phase your case is in. But in the pre-litigation phase, that’s where we will either let your medical treatment wind down, and then we’ll see if we can settle your case. If you are dealing with an insurance company we know won’t be reasonable with you, we’ll tell you that. And we may skip trying to settle your case and go right into litigation. But this is the phase of the case where we haven’t yet sued, and we’re trying to let you get the treatment you need before we can put a value on your case, discuss that with you, and make a recommendation if a fair settlement offer is made.

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