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Police Investigations


Hi, I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting ostrofflaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question about police investigations and reports. I hope I can answer your questions.

Starting from the beginning, remember just the essence of becoming a cop. Cops don’t become cops to investigate crashes. They become cops to arrest criminals, to investigate crimes. That’s the juice in the job. Car accidents are not. There are exceptions. There are some police that got into being police because they want to reconstruct crashes, but often times we don’t buy into their conclusions either.

For the most part, investigating a crash is a hassle to a cop. If you’ve been listed as party number one on the police report that usually means the police are blaming you or if the other person’s listed, them for the crash. Regardless of whether they’re blaming you or them, don’t conclude that that’s gonna be the gospel in your case, that that’s the way your case is gonna fall. Often times, the police are wrong when they draw conclusions on the person at fault for the crash. I’ll give you one example. We had a very serious case. We represented a couple dozen people that were on a Greyhound bus that crashed on a highway. The police blamed the truck driver that was struck by the bus for the crash. We were able to prove that the bus driver was at fault for the crash and at fault for killing and injuring, catastrophically injuring many of our clients. If you think about the way police work when they’re investigating a crime, they lock down the scene of the crime. Sometimes for 48 hours.

It’s important if you’ve been in a major crash, you’ve been catastrophically injured or you’ve lost someone that you love, it’s really important to get your lawyer involved as early as you can. In fact, if you look below and click on that tab on our website, I talk about this in this section. If you get to the scene of the crime immediately we can decide what do we need to prove our client’s case to do the best job for them. Sometimes within a day or two, we’ll be at the crash scene with experts that are trained as engineers to investigate crashes, to determine fault, speed of vehicles, angle of impact. Investigators to help us track down witnesses so we get statements. There have been many, many times that the evidence we find in these first few days are what we rely on to win cases.

In one other example, after one the worst crashes, truck crashes in Pennsylvania history, I represented a man that was horribly injured in this crash. And within two days of the crash I was able to reach the driver in this crash. There were 70 vehicles involved and it happened in a blizzard near Clarion, Pennsylvania. And I was able to get to guy that was at the front. I suspected he might be to blame. And before his employer could tell him not to talk, not to speak to anyone, I got a recorded statement from this guy admitting that he shouldn’t have been on the road, that he lost control of his truck and that it was his fault. This was an incredibly powerful statement and this was the linchpin for us winning this case.

So don’t stop with what the police say. Contact a law firm like ours that knows how to investigate your case, knows how to really figure out what happened, knows how to reconstruct a crash and is willing to go to all lengths, spend whatever it takes, time and money to help you win your case.

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