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Out of State Drivers Injured in PA Crashes


Hi, I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting OstroffLaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question about how we can help non-Pennsylvania residents with Pennsylvania crashes.

We receive referrals of clients from lawyers that are out of state, or directly, we’re contacted by clients that are from outside of Pennsylvania that are involved in crashes in Pennsylvania. If you take a look at our Victories tab, you’ll see how many major crashes we’ve handled throughout the state, every corner, so no matter where your crash occurred in Pennsylvania, we’ve handled cases there. We’re really the only firm in the state that has handled cases in every county in Pennsylvania, that’s 67 counties.

Pennsylvania is filled with highways. To get from the southeast part of the country to the northeast part of the country, you’ve gotta take 95 or 81. The Midwest, you take 79 up through Western PA. To get from the Northeast to the western part of the country, you take Interstate 80 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike. There’s so many highways in Pennsylvania that connect the country. As a result, there are a lot of highway crashes, and people that drive through Pennsylvania that are seriously injured, catastrophically injured in some cases, or tragically, some die. We’re used to handling these cases, to working with families from out of state.

If you’re from outside of Pennsylvania and want us to come meet you in person, we do that. We’re happy to talk to you, we’re happy to help you, we know what you need, we know how to handle your case. We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again, and if you’ll look at our Victories page, you’ll see that actions speak louder than words, and those results speak to our actions. Give us a call, thanks.

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