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Hi, I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting ostrofflaw.com. You’ve clicked on a question about what you should do if an insurance adjuster for the at-fault driver contacts you. This is an easy one, nothing.

Do not take the call, do not call them back. That adjuster is not calling you to help you. Adjusters are good at what they do, they’re probably gonna be really nice. They’re probably gonna offer to help you, they’re gonna talk about being able to settle your case quickly. All they’re gonna want is a couple of authorizations that I would never give them, that I would never make them, put them in a position, where they can obtain your medical records, carte blanche. They are not in the business of paying benefits, they are in the business of saving insurance companies money, and protecting their insured, not you.

If an adjuster wants to talk to you, don’t feel like you’re doing anything wrong, even if they say they’re gonna close your file, by not calling them back. Do the smart thing, contact an injury lawyer that’ll take care of you, a law firm that knows how to handle a case like yours. It’s also important that you make a call, to a law firm that knows how to represent you, early, quickly after a crash. Once you’ve gotten the medical care you need after the crash, contact a lawyer. There’s so much evidence that we obtain. In fact, if you look at the bottom of the screen right now, and you click on that tab, you can learn more about why it’s so important for us to get started early on in the case. This is the call you should make, not the call to that adjuster.

Let me call that adjuster for you, let my law firm take care of this, among many other things for you if you’ve been injured. This is what we do, this is something new for you. You don’t know how to handle this in terms of the insurance company. They’ve got billions and billions of dollars, and hundreds, if not thousands, or tens of thousands of people, trained to cut payment of benefits and not to take care of people that are the victims of their insurers. I hope this has been helpful, thanks.

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