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Injury Claims From Falls


Hi, I’m John Ostroff, thanks for visiting ostrofflaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question about injury claims from falls. I hope I can answer your questions. Look, fall cases can occur many different ways. You can fall from a slippery condition. You can fall from a defective sidewalk. You can fall from a pothole. You can fall from a dog that knocks you over. You can fall for many reasons, a slippery substance on a floor in a business.

If you’ve been hurt from a fall, the best advice I can give you out of the gates is contact a lawyer. I know that sounds obvious and self-serving, but look, the key to winning a fall case is to prove that whatever it was that caused you to fall had been there for long enough that it should have been fixed or cleaned up. And if we can obtain video or witness statements from people that saw whatever it was that caused you to fall, so for instance if it’s a slippery condition, if it’s ice or snow that you fell from and it had been there for three days since a snowfall, or it was due to a leaky gutter that let water onto a sidewalk or a parking lot that froze and caused you to fall and others have seen it, the sooner we can get out to the scene and find those witnesses and get recorded statements, the better for you. Other times, being able to determine that because a substance was dirty, or murky, or had changed, it congealed on the floor, say of a supermarket and it caused you to fall, that helps us prove that the supermarket should have been on notice that it was there for more than just a moment or two.

Look, you’re gonna have a tough time holding a supermarket or a business responsible for a slippery condition if it just happened seconds before it caused you to fall. But if it was there, if it was a leak from a freezer from condensation and we can prove a pattern of it occurring, or that an employee was there to fix it, by getting video of the business, that’s what we need, and that video can often be re-taped over within one to three weeks, and then it’s erased and you can’t get it. So if you wait too long to contact a lawyer to investigate that fall, if it’s a sidewalk and we can get witnesses to the condition of the sidewalk, or even get photographs of that sidewalk and measure the height of the crack or the pothole that caused you to fall, that’s gonna be the best evidence we can use to prove that case.

Also, a party you may think is responsible for your injuries may not be the party that you wanna pursue. For instance, if you fall in a parking lot in front of a business that you go into, a restaurant that you go into, for instance, they may not be responsible for maintaining their parking lot. It may be a snow removal business. And they’re the ones you have to pursue in a timely way. So you wanna consider preserving the evidence of what caused you to fall and hiring a lawyer that knows how to handle those cases. And if you go to our Victories tab you’ll see how many success stories we’ve had by helping people that have fallen and been seriously injured. And in so many of those cases we got to the scene as soon as we were hired, we were there within that day, and we were able to get pictures, photographs, witness statements recorded that helped us win that case. We win these cases early more often than we win them late in the game. It’s late in the game if we’re in front of a jury that would rely on those statements and pictures that we got within days of being hired. I hope this information was helpful, thanks.

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