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How Much Is My Claim Worth?


Hi, I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting ostrofflaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question, “How much is my claim worth?” I’m gonna give you a quick answer, and then an explanation.

The quick answer is if any lawyer tells you when you meet them, what your case is worth, talk to another lawyer. There’s no way to tell you what your claim is worth out of the gates. There’s too many factors that affect the value of your claim. Even if your claim is worth a billion dollars, there might be $15,000 of insurance and what it’s worth has nothing to do with what you can recover. One of the most important things your law firm can do for you, if your claim has significant value, is look at all the different sources of recovery. Many times lawyers will look at cases and decide it’s not worth their time because they know there’s only a $15,000 policy.

I think some of the cases I’m proudest of that we’ve handled here at Ostroff Law are the cases where we got creative and found other sources of recovery beyond the obvious, beyond the car that rear-ended another car. We pursued the manufacturer of the car. We pursued the way the highway was designed. We pursued something about the braking system on the car that rear-ended them. We look at all these things, all these factors, instead of just taking the low-hanging fruit. Your case is worth X, but insurance may be Y. And if Y is less than X, and there’s no other source beyond that insurance to get a recovery for you, then Y is what you’ll recover and there’s no way to know that out of the gates. It’s little tricky in the legal business to tell people when they call a lawyer, “Hey, your case is worth a million dollars “and we’re gonna get it.” And then when you find out there’s only 15,000 out there, you have no choice. You’re stuck with it. Beware of any lawyer that tells you what your case is worth and what they’re gonna get for you from the beginning. What I can tell you is this.

If you’re interested in what your case is worth, regardless of the amount of coverage that’s out there, take a look at our tab titled “Victories.” There we not only give the amounts that we’ve recovered for clients, we’ve told you where we’ve recovered it, and what were some of the facts. And that’ll give you kind of a guide based on injuries or surgeries or if the injuries are catastrophic, whatever that we’ve been able to do for clients. But beyond the amount of insurance and what happened to you, where you file a lawsuit affects value. It’s kind of complex. There’s a lot to this answer. If you get a quick answer from a lawyer, talk to another lawyer. If you get an explanation that makes sense and you learn the foundation for what we look at to determine value, when your case is at a point where we know what your injuries are, we know what coverages we’re dealing with, we know what sources we can recover from, and we tell that whole story and lay it out for you, that’s when you’re at a point where we can talk to you about what your claim is worth. Thanks.

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