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How Can I Handle My Medical Bills?


Hi, I’m John Ostroff. Thanks for visiting Ostrofflaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question, how can you handle your medical bills while you’re getting your medical treatment or until your case is settled? The answer’s really quite easy.

If we’re handling your case, we will take care of your medical bills, and make sure they’re getting paid from any source that’s available to pay them. If you’re treating, your medical bills should be covered by, if it’s a car accident, your car insurance. If that’s exhausted, in other words, if that insurance has been used up, you may have health insurance that’ll apply. If you’re injured, slipping, or from a dog attack or from some other type of non-vehicle accident, if you don’t have health insurance, the bottom line is, if you don’t have insurance that applies to your medical bills, then you should be recovering that cost for your medical treatment from the party that caused you your harm. And that’s part of our job in representing you to make sure that happens.

Let me just give you an example of how this could work. So if you have injuries and you’re getting treatment, and the value of your case, for your physical injuries, is $80,000, just for your injuries. And let’s say that you owe $20,000 in medical bills, either because you don’t have coverage or because your health insurance may have the right to get their money paid back from your settlement, which happens sometimes. If you owe your medical bills, out of your recovery, then the other side is responsible for paying those medical bills. In other words, if you don’t have coverage, that you don’t have to pay back for your medical treatment, then the other side will be responsible for that. So if the value of your case just for your injuries is $80,000, and you owe $20,000 either to pay back a health insurer or because you didn’t have coverage then the value of your case is $100,000. That’s part of what we do for our clients. We make sure that medical bills get paid from any source that we can recover that from and get that payment from and we manage that for you so you can focus on your injuries and on getting better. I hope that answers your question, thanks.

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