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Hit by a Vehicle as a Pedestrian


Hi, I’m John Ostroff. Thanks for visiting ostrofflaw.com. If you were a pedestrian who was struck by a car, a bus, a truck, any type of vehicle, chances are you were pretty badly hurt. After all, you’re a lot smaller than that vehicle. You weigh a lot less. Your body’s a lot softer. And if you were hit by something moving towards you like that, you’re gonna be injured pretty badly.

It’s important that you contact a law firm early, immediately as soon as you’re able. The reason is, think about a crime scene with police. For the first day or two after a crime, the police will lock down the scene of that crime so they can preserve all the evidence. If you’re hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian, the vehicle operator often will find some way to blame you. You ran right out in front of their vehicle. They never had a chance. They never saw you. You weren’t in the crosswalk. There’s a lot of ways we overcome those excuses for hitting someone, even if you’re not in the crosswalk. Even if you did happen to run across the road and get hit, there’s ways that we can still represent you and obtain a recovery for you. For instance, if we get to the scene early, if you contact us and get us involved early, we can get photographs of evidence in the road. We can get videos sometimes, more often than you think, that we obtain from a nearby building, a bank, the security system on a house. That video’s only on a one to three week loop. It gets erased after one to three weeks. If we can get to that video, before it’s erased, it can be very helpful to show exactly what happened and to help you. Even if you were moving quickly across the road, how much time did that vehicle operator, who’s driving a much more dangerous object than you are as an individual, how much time did they have to see you? Their duty is to keep their eye on the road. Those are the rules of the road. If they didn’t see you coming across, if they weren’t paying attention, they still have an obligation to see what’s in front of them, to keep a safe distance from anything in front of them and to act safely.

So if you’re injured as a pedestrian, even if you’re being blamed by the police or the vehicle operator, call us. Let us take a look at this case. If we get out to that scene with the right experts that can reconstruct what happened to you, we win those cases often, even if you think you’re at fault. And sometimes, you’re hurt so badly, you don’t even remember what happened. Let us figure it out for you. Finally, there are benefits that will be available to you for your medical coverage, for additional insurance, for instance, let’s say the car that strikes you only has $15,000 of insurance and the value of your claim is $500,000, you may have insurance on vehicles in your household, if you have vehicles in your household, that can be very important to you. It’s called UM or UIM insurance that insures you against being injured by a vehicle that’s uninsured or that leaves the scene of an accident or that doesn’t have enough insurance to fully compensate you. So, for instance, if the vehicle has 15,000 and the value of your case is 500,000, you may this additional UIM insurance in your household that we can obtain for you that will cover the difference between what the vehicle at fault has and what the value of your case may be. There’s a lot of things to know when you’re a pedestrian that’s injured by a vehicle, and it’s our job to figure those things out, to answer your questions for you and to take care of you. I hope this has been helpful. Thanks.

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