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Highway Crashes


Hi, I’m John Ostroff. Thanks for visiting OstroffLaw.com You’ve clicked on the question about highway crashes. I hope I can answer your question.

Look, if you’ve been in a highway crash chances are it was a serious crash. Speeds are high, vehicles are bigger, more trucks and buses on highways. It’s really important that you consider hiring a lawyer quickly. I have won more highway crash cases by getting to the evidence before it’s gone than in any other types of crashes. Highways are fast. Evidence disappears quickly. The speed of vehicles can change the highway. Witnesses who are in another car may be lost. Getting to the scene with engineers and experts immediately is how we win these cases.

If you look at the two questions below me, they’re also under this frequently asked questions section, you’re gonna see and hear about some more specific examples that I give as to what a difference we made by getting to the scene immediately right after the crash. And as I say in those sections, there’s a reason why police block off a crime scene within 48 hours or for 48 hours. So that they can lock down and preserve evidence. It’s the same in a highway crash case. We wanna get to the evidence before it’s gone. We wanna photograph the road. We wanna photograph the vehicles. The vehicles get modified, repaired, destroyed. Truck companies in truck crashes wanna to get their vehicles back in service. Or they just want to get rid of the evidence. If you’ve been injured in a highway crash I think the single most important thing you can do is contact a lawyer promptly and get them to the scene of the crash. We will go there. We will get there within a day of being contacted. We will get there with a team, not just from our firm but of experts, engineers, and investigators. And know what to look for, know how to prove what happened, know how to overcome sometimes a bad police report where the police didn’t reach the proper conclusions.

We win these cases early. Again click on bus and truck crashes under this section to learn more and get some specific examples. I hope this answers your questions. Thanks.

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