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Dog Attack: Holding the Right People Responsible


Hi, I’m John Ostroff. Thanks for visiting OstroffLaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question about dog attacks. I hope I can answer your questions. Of course, if you have additional questions you can always call our firm at the number below. If you were the victim of a dog attack in Pennsylvania, there’s several things you should consider.

One, who owns the dog? I know that’s pretty obvious, but hopefully the person who owns the dog has insurance on the house they live in. But if they don’t, there’s often other sources you can recover from. For instance, if they’re renting the unit that they live in, the landlord may have responsibility for who lives there, and if they’re aware that that dog was dangerous, that they had a propensity to bite, that can give us the ability to hold the landlord responsible for allowing an unsafe dog on the premises.

We also want to look at the dog’s history and the lawsuit history for the family that owns the dog. They may have bitten before, and if they do, the dog’s even more viscous, we can prove that that was more obvious to the owner of the dog and they should’ve taken care to either properly train or restrain that dog long before you were hurt. We’ve also helped people who have been injured when that dog attacks their dog, and they tried to protect their dog. They get in the way, the get knocked down. We’ve had clients that have had broken hips or arms, required surgery, just because they’re trying to protect your dog, their own dog. Those cases are definitely worth contacting us about because you can get really serious injuries just trying to protect your dog, or your child, or a family member.

If you’ve been the victim of a dog attack, you also have insurance that may be available to you, not just through your health insurance, but additional insurance that you’re not gonna consider, not just on the dog owner, not just on the landlord, but there are other places we can look for potential coverage that may be available to you. It’s worth a call. Let us talk to you about what happened and see what we can do for you. Thanks.

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