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Once the pleading phase is over, we begin the discovery phase in your lawsuit. This is where we learn about what happened from the other side. We gather documents through the other side. Everything is answered with an affidavit of its, and a verification that it is accurate and that is sworn. It’s the question and answer period. So interrogatories, these are questions that we will serve on the other side, they will serve on us, that we’ll help you answer. We’ll make it as easy on our clients as we can. Request for production of documents, documents that we wanna see that are relevant to the crash or the fall or whatever case your accident arose from. This is where we do depositions, depositions of, it can be one or two parties, it can be many parties. It depends on the situation.

Your deposition will involve you going under oath, usually in a conference room. We’re next to you, we prepare you before your deposition and help you understand the process and help you get real comfortable before you go in and give that. And after the deposition and all of the discovery period is over, the next phase would be the pre-trial phase.

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