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Can Ostroff Law Help You, Even if Other Firms Said No?


Hi! I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting ostrofflaw.com. Other lawyers have told you they can’t help you. Can we?

Many times we can. At least it’s worth giving us a chance. There’s many thing after working in personal injury for as many years as we have that we’re good at, for instance, clients with limited tort will call other lawyers who don’t really understand what limited tort means, how it impacts an individual’s right to sue. We’ve got a book on limited tort, we teach other lawyers about limited tort, we’ve handled thousands of cases. In fact, if you go to the victories tab, on this website, you’ll see that we’ve recovered millions and millions for individuals with limited tort. And is so many of those cases, in fact, in some of the descriptions of those cases, you’ll see that many times they were turned down by other law firms.

Not long ago, we obtained a recovery of almost 2 millions dollars for a client that visited three law firms before calling us. Often times, you have to dig in and the obvious place that people think they’re gonna get a recovery from, say the other car’s driver and they have no insurance or limited insurance and the lawyer may turn that case down and we look at the case a little differently. We may find that there’s other problems that caused the crash. It might be the highway design. It might be a defective breaking system. It might be something that, unless you go to the scene and really work the case up, you won’t see. Some of our greatest successes have been in that arena, as well, where we find the less obvious source and cause of a crash and we pursue that for our clients.

So, it’s real simple. If you’ve called another law firm and they’ve said we can’t help you, call us or text us or chat with us. Let us check your case out and see if maybe we can do something for you. You’d be surprised how often we can. Thanks.

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