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Can I Still Sue If The Police Blamed Me For The Crash?


Hi, I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting ostrofflaw.com. You clicked on the question, if the police blamed you for the crash but you know it wasn’t your fault, can you still sue? The answer’s yes.

The police aren’t always right. If you look below, you’ll see another question that you can click on about police reports, and I give a lotta detail about this. But bottom line is police don’t become police, they don’t become cops because they want to investigate accidents. They want to arrest bad guys. They wanna go after criminals and do that type of investigation. They didn’t sign up for this so that they could investigate car crashes, and they’re often wrong. They reach quick conclusions. They can be lazy, frankly, with investigations.

Cops have hard work, and their job isn’t easy, but when it comes to car accidents, it’s not really their focus. It’s not really their area of interest, and it’s often that we overcome bad police reports and wrong police conclusions to help our clients. If the police blamed you and you know you weren’t at fault, you need to call me. We can talk about this. We’ll do the investigation right. We’ll figure out what happened. We’ll prove it wasn’t your fault. We’ll take care of you. Gimme a call. Thanks.

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