School Bus Accidents in Quakertown

Millions of kids across the country ride on school buses every day. Unfortunately, school bus drivers can get into traffic accidents just like any other motorist, and the risk can be even greater if the driver or their employer doesn’t do their job properly.

However, lawsuits over school bus accidents in Quakertown can be legally complex. To get the compensation your family needs to recover from such a traumatic incident, you need help from a seasoned attorney with a track record of success.

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Who is Legally Liable for School Bus Crashes?

Commercial and public bus drivers must follow a strict “duty of care” while on the road. Beyond just obeying traffic laws and driving safely, they must also ensure that none of their passengers get hurt while boarding or getting off the bus. A child may suffer serious injuries if a school bus driver accelerates too quickly or stops too suddenly. Any bus driver who fails to meet their duty and causes someone else to get hurt could be legally liable for the victim’s losses.

As your Quakertown attorney can explain, an individual school bus driver is rarely the only or best person to name as the defendant in a lawsuit. Often, the school district responsible for bus operations—or the private company that owns and maintains those buses—can be held liable for this type of accident, as could a third party like a bus parts manufacturer or another driver on the road. It all depends on how a particular accident happened, and exactly who was reckless or careless leading up to it.

Special Deadlines for Filing a School Bus Claim in Quakertown

After a school bus accident in Quakertown, since a child can’t file a lawsuit on their own behalf in Pennsylvania, their parent(s) or guardians(s) can do so on their behalf. With help from our lawyers, you can demand money for any harm your child has already suffered or will suffer in the future from the school bus accident. This can include pain and suffering, medical bills, emotional trauma, and the various effects of a long-term disability.

If you’re planning on taking legal action over a school bus accident, seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Lawsuits against private individuals and companies have a two-year filing deadline from when the accident occurred. Claims against government bodies may need to be filed as soon as six months after the accident.

Call a Quakertown Attorney for School Bus Accident Cases

Because buses often don’t have seatbelts or other safety features, school bus accidents in Quakertown can have severe consequences for the kids on board. If your child was hurt because of a negligent bus driver, school district, or bus operating company, let a seasoned attorney fight to hold the wrongdoers accountable and protect your child’s future.

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