When winning is the only option

Proving the Police Wrong About the Cause of Your Pennsylvania Auto Accident.

Sometimes police investigations are not always accurate and often make mistakes. Potential clients have come to Jon stating that the police just didn’t get it right, that they were not at fault. Many times that person is right. But proving the police wrong is tough.

Proving the Police Wrong is Possible

A police officers first priority is to protect citizens not write up police reports or prepare investigations. Often times they get over whelmed directing traffic in addition to trying to talk to witnesses, getting measurements and everything else that is involved in getting the correct information from a scene. They mean well, but don’t always get it right. This is critical when trying to prove your case.

Because Jon has worked with so many clients he knows how to handle these types of claims. Here are a couple of instances where he obtained recoveries for his clients.

  • Pennsylvania auto accident victims’ attorney Jon Ostroff has obtained recoveries for clients who were initially blamed by the police. One such recovery was in excess of $5 million.
  • In one small rural Pennsylvania town, Jon Ostroff proved police officers wrong in two different accidents and recovered almost $6 million in favor of his clients

If you got into an accident and the police or the insurance company has decided that you were at fault, don’t stop there. The insurance company will never fight like this for you. Never forget, anything an insurance company offers you is probably better for them than it is for you.

Listen in Jon’s own words how representation in these types of cases can be beneficial.

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