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Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyers Explain Survivors’ Compensation Program

The Pennsylvania Archdiocese has created the “Survivors’ Compensation Program” – also referred to as the “The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Independent Reconciliation and Reparations Program (“IRRP”) – in the wake of the grand jury investigation into clergy sex abuse in the state. If you are a victim of abuse by a clergy member and received a notice about the program, DO NOT respond until speaking with our experienced sexual abuse lawyers. There are a few facts you need to know first.

Accepting the Program Removes Your Right to Sue

First and foremost, accepting the offer of the Survivors’ Compensation Program will waive your right to sue your abuser and the church in court. Forever. In other words, if you agree to the program, you can never have an experienced attorney represent you and seek justice for the pain you have endured. Instead, you will get whatever the Archdiocese deems fair. We at Ostroff Injury Law do not like the sound of that deal.

Abuse victims have contacted our firm for help in understanding the compensation program. After reviewing the Archdiocese’s notice, it is clear to us that each victim must speak with an experienced attorney before making a decision about their next steps. For many, filing a lawsuit will be the only way to hold their abusers fully accountable for their heinous actions.

As the “Survivor Compensation Program” documents confirm, you have until November of 2019 before you have to accept the Archdiocese settlement offer. Act now by contacting our experienced sexual abuse lawyers to allow enough time to consider your options and to adequately protect your rights. This will be your only opportunity to hold the Archdiocese accountable for these atrocious acts.

If you or your child is a victim of abuse by a clergy member, contact our firm right away to learn more about your options. You get one shot at obtaining justice from your abuser. It’s important to make the most informed decision possible.

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FAQs for Our Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Will there be enough money in the program for victims?

The Archdiocese has not disclosed the amount it plans to provide victims, so it’s anybody’s guess at this time. “Existing Archdiocesan assets” will provide initial funding for the program, according to a message by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput. Additional funding will come from borrowing as well as the sale of unspecified archdiocesan properties.

If I call Ostroff Injury Law for help, do I have to hire the firm to represent me?

No. An initial consultation with our firm is 100% free with no obligation. Our priority is ensuring the survivors of Pennsylvania clergy abuse have the information they need to make the best decisions moving forward. We will discuss your individual situation when we meet.

Why shouldn’t I just accept the offer to be part of the compensation program?

You may have the opportunity to hold your abuser accountable to the full extent of civil law. If you accept the Archdiocese’s offer right away, you won’t be able to explore that possibility. Speaking with our firm first will ensure you know your options.

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